Dr. Arran Leung

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Dr. Arran Leung
Registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong
PhD in HKU
MSc in Manipulative Therapy, The University
of South Australia
MSc in Biomechanics, The University of


Self Photos / Files - arran2Dr Arran Leung, PhD, is a pioneer and a leader in the field of manipulative physiotherapy in Hong Kong. Back in the late 1970’s, he led the diagnosis, principle of treatment and the skills of manipulation from Australia and the UK to Hong Kong. To many patients and professionals, Arran is experienced in the practice of manipulative physiotherapy, its research and education. To patients and their families, Arran is known for his meticulous examination, thoroughness in investigation and innovative planning of treatment. All these are accompanied by a big heart in care, attention and consideration.


Being a conscientious and inquisitive student of world leaders in the field of manipulative physiotherapy, such as Mr. Maitland (Australia), Dr. Cyriax (UK) and Mr. McKenzie (New Zealand), Arran revises what he gathered and devises a system of diagnosis and treatment which addresses the symptoms and their changes in the course of treatment. Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy students in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 1985 puts Arran in a position to educate, share and proliferate his expertise and experience with clinicians.

Upon his retirement at the University in 2011, Arran is now very active in his many endeavors. Currently, he is the Consultant Physiotherapist at the Rehabilitation Clinic , Clinical Associate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong